Sukho Thai Five Year Anniversary Celebration!

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Hey guys!

Sukho Thai, Mumbai’s popular spa chain is celebrating their 5th anniversary this month. They were kind enough to send us an invitation to visit their spa. Before we divulge into the vivifying details of the luxurious session, here is a little info about the spa-

Sukho Thai is the first international foot massage spa chain to open outlets in India starting with Mumbai. The word “Sukho” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sukh” which stands for happiness and “Thai” is adapted from Thailand.The first spa opened at the upscale neighborhood of Bandra West, Mumbai in September 2010; it received a raving response from local celebrities, corporate guests, sports personalities as well as professionals and home makers. Within five years, Sukho Thai has expanded with 15 outlets across Mumbai.

First Impressions and Experience


I visited their branch in Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla. On entrance, I was greeted by the attendant, who changed my sandals to a pair of comfortable osho slippers. We then proceeded to the room which was surrounded with cool antiques, soft lighting, soothing music that provided a sense of calm. The decor and arrangement was on point and didn’t go unnoticed.

I changed into their custom made therapy blouse and pants. The therapist then helped me into the resting chair, washed my feat clean, wrapped warm towels and began the exhilarating 45-minute foot therapy which felt like an eternity in heaven. She used cream based oils, and the well-trained hands worked its way into the pressure points using various massage techniques and precise pressure application. This was followed by a stress relieving head, neck, shoulder, hand and back massage for a couple of minutes more which was a bonus. After which, I had no intention of leaving the place at all!

I was then served a refreshing fruit bowl with hot herbal tea. I spent a good ten minuted nibbling on to the juicy treats and then changed back into my clothes.

I head to the receptionist, all revitalized and rejuvenated and thanked the therapist for the best time!

My feet looked thankful and I felt light as a feather.


Visit this spa for a complete de-stress and to loosen up your sore muscles. The traditional foot therapies are tailor-made to fit guest’s time frame. They have sessions from 30-45-60 to 90 minutes and some others can even go up to 4-5 hours!

With the festive season around the corner, you can present your loved ones with the Sukho Thai gift cards. The bar-coded plastic cards are portable and easily accessible by ordering them online at


So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and book yourself an invigorating experience!

For more details, log onto


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